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Your Power Management Experts

Tesla Electrical Systems (TES) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) producing power products, Medium/Low Voltage switchgear & motor control equipment.  The power products are then integrated within a TES approved TDLR certified E-House partner.  Tesla Electrical Systems power products are custom engineered and manufactured within the vertically integrated TES factory; thus resulting in enhanced on time deliveries with fast-track capabilities for delivery time reduction. Tesla’s power products are delivered fully tested and integrated within a modular E-House resulting in substantial field labor reductions (landed cost savings). This is achieved by transferring field service labor requirements to lower cost factory labor with climate-controlled conditions that are not subject to weather causing delays.

We create reliable critical power infrastructures

Why Choose Us?


•Electrical Equipment Production Engineering (MV/LV Switchgear, Motor Control, & E-House)

•Mechanical Engineering

•Integrated Systems Production Engineering

• MV/LV Switchgear and MCC together with the TSS E-House are  engineered with a complete TSS engineered seamless and coordinated drawing package.  On-board approval drawing capabilities enable fast-track and on time projects. 

• A modular electrically and mechanically engineered integrated system including Non-seg bus duct, DC System, UPS, Auxiliary /Control system completely interconnected for turn-key plug and play job site installation.


• Vertically Integrated manufacturing system with In-house execution and highest mitigation of risk of delay.

• Multiple product lines manufactured under one roof.

• Factory and witness testing with discrepancy resolution before shipment. 

Project Management

• Client Single Point of Contact for all project deliverables

• Tesla Project Management manages in house factory production engineering, manufacturing & testing for enhanced on time delivery capability with less chance of delay. 

• Customer is provided maximum transparency given the switchgear and MCC are manufactured together in parallel. 

We Power the Most Powerful Companies