Tesla Low Voltage Systems (LV)

Tesla ANSI Low Voltage Switchgear and NEMA Motor Control (MCC) Branded Products are also custom engineered and OEM manufactured in collaboration with the major manufacturers. Our Power Products are custom wired to your EPC drawing package and specifications. Standard Metal Enclosed or Arc Resistant as required.  OEM Low Voltage Switchboards are also custom wired as part of our product line offering.

600V Motor Control Centers

Allen Bradley® Centerline® *

Eaton® Freedom® 

GE® WavePro®

Siemens® TiaStar® *     

*Available in Arc Resistant

600V Metal Enclosed Switchgear


Eaton® Magnum DS®

GE® AKD-20®, Entellisys® *

Siemens® WL® * 

*Available in Arc Resistant