Tesla Medium Voltage Systems (MV)

Tesla ANSI Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear and NEMA MCC Branded Products are custom engineered and OEM manufactured in collaboration with the major manufacturers.  Your preferred major manufacturer brand is available within our OEM Power Product Line and is custom wired and populated with your specified relay following your EPC drawing package requirements. Our MV Branded Power Products include 5 kV, 15 kV, 27 kV, or 38 kV switchgear; Standard Metal-Clad or C37.20.7 Arc resistant as required.  OEM MV Motor control centers and MV VFD’s are also available.

5,000 V Motor Control Centers

Allen Bradley® Centerline®*

Eaton Ampguard®

GE Limit Amp®

Siemens Simovac®*

5kV and 15kV Non Seg Bus Duct Technibus®

Metal Enclosed Switches

*Available in Arc Resistant

5kV & 15kV Metal Clad Switchgear

ABB® Advance® and Safegear®*

Eaton® VCPW®

Powell® PowerVac®

Powell® PowlVac®*

Siemens® GMSG®*

5kV & 15kV Bus Duct
Metal Enclosed Switches

Fused / Non-fused Load Break Switches 

600 – 1200A continues current 

40 – 60kA interrupting capacity 

Indoor & Outdoor Enclosure Designs 

Motorized Option 

Miscellaneous Products

VFD Packing and modification

High Resistance Ground Systems

Protective Relay Panels

Generator Controls and SCR Controllers